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Formulating Partnerships

It’s a dynamic process which depends on various facets of a project lifecycle. It depends on the stage at which the partnering entity sets foot in with us. In most of the cases the project ideas originated as an outcome of our researchers engaged in their respective disciplines. Some ideas are transcribed to us by the industry leaders as well as startup founders, in order to develop the idea into an end product. Irrespective of the origin or stage, we consider the partnership as a dedicated long-term mutually beneficial relationship. The mutual purpose shapes the kind of agreements we enter with the partnering entity. This forms the very basis of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) agreed upon at the early stage. 


Developing a mutual research objective

The mutual research objective forms the very basis of our partnership. This objective becomes the pivot point around which the entire strategy is shaped and developed. The significant checks and balances at all crucial stages, supported by technical discussions among the stakeholders, enables clearing ambiguity and keeping the project progress on track to meet the end result within the stipulated timeline.


Funding the Partnership

Assessment and Planning forms the cornerstones of a partnership to develop and improvise the jointmenship.  It is an inescapable step for a project to progress in a timely manner and provides the opportunities for developing the understanding of future outcomes. 

In the field of Research and Development, the ideas usually start at a nascent stage and need nurturing at crucial waypoints to plan and progress the journey to a successful completion. The systematic and focused research supported by substantive flow of funding goes a long way in achieving the desired outcome of a project. The consistent research on the ongoing project conducted by our research team keeps us rooted to the precise objective and keeps the stakeholders posted about the progress and assistance required. 


Formulating Intellectual Property (IP) sharing agreements

Formulating the IP sharing agreements enables the partners with critical and substantial information regarding the essential roles and responsibilities whilst working together. A  constructive and comprehensive agreement can ensure transparency and contribute immensely in developing and maintaining the trust factor between the partners. 

These agreements allow the partnerships to address and mitigate the concerns of data security, which is an integral part of any R&D project. 

Whilst the basic methodology in formulating such agreements may remain standardised, however the contents and the extent of data sharing may vary from project to project, depending upon the project requirements, basis which the other intrinsic data sharing policies would also be formulated and followed.   

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