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Involves a preliminary screening and feasibility study of a proposal around which the subsequent action plan could be formulated and implemented.


A project starts with a simple product idea which needs to be nurtured with a concrete and systematic thought process to convert the same into a tangible outcome.


A project starts taking tangible shape during this phase and involves the construction of an actual prototype to be floated as a pilot, prior rolling out of finished product.


This is the final stage before the launch of an actual product into the global market, which involves a series of sub-steps based on a guiding principle laid down whilst defining the project.

In order to originate, expand and support an idea of a tangible invention, one requires to have a flawless thought process and team of researchers and technical experts. Our state of the art research lab is a one stop solution for semiconductor design, biotech, fintech, defence as well as all functions of modern Engineering.

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